Reply to Channel4 & ABC by the Government

Reply to Channel4 “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” & ABC by the Government of Sri Lanka, all 6 Parts.

The Truth behind the bogus forensic investigation into the final weeks of western funded quarter century long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers (LTTE).

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was produced by the Channel 4 in Britain with the help of LTTE supporters and some western government agencies to tarnish image of Sri Lanka.

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J.R. Jayawardena Speaks to BBC on Indian involvement with LTTE in Sri Lanka 1985

J R Jayawardena, the first executive president of Sri Lanka expresses his views on India and their involvement in training the LTTE to the BBC interviewer in 1985. Mr Jayawardene later on went on to sign a peace accord in 1987 (subsequent to Indian intervention on Sri Lanka territorial integrity) with the prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi to bring about a solution to the Tamil armed problem and as a result of that the IPKF was sent in to Sri Lanka by India. The peace accord was very unpopular among the Sri Lankan folks resulted in many demonstrations against it.

Sri Lanka says war crimes allegations ‘propaganda’

Sri Lanka’s government on Thursday sought to dismiss war crimes allegations as propaganda from its defeated terrorists, as it came under further pressure ahead of a Commonwealth summit.

A spokesman for Sri Lankan President Mahendra Rajapakse described the heavy focus on the issue in the lead-up to Friday’s gathering of leaders from the 54-nation Commonwealth bloc in the Australian city of Perth as “unfair”. Read More

Sinhalese Moving into Tamil Areas – Whose Definition “Tamil Areas”?

Published articles by Ira de Silva and Asoka Weerasinghe both highlighted the opinions of Tamil pundits, were of interest to all Sinhala patriots and supporters of the Sinhala Nation.

First of all, all sensible readers should accept the fact that, “There Are No Tamil Areas” in the Island of Sri Lanka.

The settlers of Tamil Ghettos should be given an opportunity and a fresh start to integrate with the Sinhala. Read More

Sri Lankan legislator claims cyanide in addition to Arsenic and Mercury found in pesticides

Aug. 4 — A Sri Lankan government legislator said Thursday that researchers have found cyanide mixed in pesticides imported in Sri Lanka for farming.

Athureliya Rathana Thero, a Buddhist monk legislator in the government told reporters that the research was carried out at a Malaysian laboratory.

Sri Lankan university academic Channa Jayasumana alongside with Thero said cyanide was found in pesticides imported from Germany, Switzerland and Europe. Read More

Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI)

‘Amnesty’ was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, a British labour lawyer, and Eric Baker, a Quaker and nuclear disarmament activist. Its initial focus was on letter writing campaigns in support of prisoners around the world who were ‘tortured, imprisoned or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable to his government’. In September 1962, the organization was renamed Amnesty International (AI). Adopting ‘prisoners of conscience’ became a favored technique of the organization to exert pressure on governments. Read More

Channel 4 TV’s anti-Sri Lanka campaign as biased, and a disgrace to British media

Over 2000 British Sri Lankans of different ethnicities and political hues met in London in Sunday evening to stage a massive demonstration against the Channel 4 TV, which at present is going around the world with a “documentary”, named “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”.

The protesters condemned the controversial documentary as malicious and accused the Channel 4 TV of inciting racial hatred between Sri Lankan communities in the UK, including the younger generations, and thereby playing into the hands of separatist forces operational outside Sri Lanka. Read More

LTTE haven’t sight to see the importancy of peace talk

Four years ago some terrorist organizations were declared as illegal by Europian Union. Still they are in doubt whether the LTTE organization should be included in to proscribed list or not. To take a decision on that EU officers going to hold a conference in this week at Brusseles. Read More

LTTE Using 10 Year Olds in Battle

Sri Lanka has seen many thousands of children used as soldiers by the LTTE, said the first-ever survey on the use of child soldiers in Asia released in Bangkok, agency reports said yesterday.

Although combatants in Sri Lanka’s long-standing civil war have denied using child soldiers, in reality it is other way round, the report has said. Read More